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How to build a successful people mindset to success in MLM?

Building a successful MLM business is goes beyond the strength of talking to your close social circle, it also means having the right mindset on how to succeed at MLM


By Steve Jackson - doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Building a successful MLM business is goes beyond the strength of talking to your close social circle, it also means having the right mindset on how to succeed at MLM

As I remember, before I had a network marketing mindset, it was massively frustrating to work hard at building a business with little or no success.

We have all been there and somehow at one point in our network marketing careers or in this case my doTERRA career, we suddenly ask, “What am I doing wrong?”

There is lots of information available in books and online explaining how to run a MLM business and in most cases the training is great. The main issue is they often forget to mention the most important factor that makes one person successful and someone else not.

There are a few books that are worth reading, one of my favorites worth considering is “The slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and another for those want to work online is "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" by Steven Jackson.

He explains:

"The truth is, what you do matters. What you do today matters. What you do every day matters. Successful people just do the things that seem to make no difference in the act of doing them and they do them over and over and over until the compound effect kicks in.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

So, doing what others can’t or won’t do is the key element towards success and then being consistent until the result has been achieved.

The second eBook I want to suggest is a very practical one called, "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" by Steven Jackson.

He explains:

"That learning something that is duplicatable, but doesn’t really work for the masses makes no sense. However, learning a new skill that does work and will develop you personally and progress your business is a victory. The advantage of the online method is that you can learn while you earn like a traditional MLM business, but have a better chance of success."

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing by Steven Jackson

The social media and the internet are simply a virtual extension of the physical world

Why do we need a successful people mindset?

Think about it for a few minutes. The excitement of starting a new business and all the possibilities that come with it. It is great for the first few months until reality slowly starts to dawn on you.

Why is my business going nowhere fast?

  • My enroller and sponsors are supportive and knowledgeable
  • The network marketing company is well run and their products are just the best
  • And, you really want to be a successful network marketer or a successful business person

However, your business is still not moving forward

  1. So, ask yourself, “Do I have the right mindset to succeed in network marketing?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. And how can I get it?
Mindset to success
Mindset to success

What does it take to succeed in your MLM business?

Running a MLM business is like running a marathon, which most runners and athletes will understand is 90% mental and 10% physical.

Everyday you work on your business, putting one foot in front of the other, but your mental strength will be the thing that pushes you forward when you feel you cannot continue.

Many years ago I watched a dear friend of mine during a bad time in his life. He had been a successful network marketer and then lost it all. He sat in a small apartment eating cold beans out of a can and within a year became successful as a network marketer for the second time from almost nothing.

When I asked him, “how did he manage to become successful for the second time?” He told me, “Even though things were bad, people in my life still needed me, so I needed to change my attitude, that meant:

  • Becoming self-motivated when I really didn't want to get up
  • While having the desire and discipline to make my business work

After pondering his answer for many years I put it down to his own mindset to success and turning a bad situation into a good one. People needed him so he needed to step up and get his shit together. Over the years we got together for a chat and over that time I began to understand some of the key points that made him successful.

Below I am sharing them with you all.

When it all comes down to it, nothing trumps execution

The 5 keys to develop a mindset to success

Socialize with successful people:

  • Consider this, if you socialize with people who are going nowhere guess who else is going nowhere. Find people who inspire you to become more than you are and gain that success you have always desired.
  • Now, ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with lift you up or cause you to doubt yourself.
  • If they bring you down, what will you do about that?

Never stop learning something new:

  • Learning is about developing new skills which will help one succeed in the MLM industry
  • All network marketers regardless how long they have been in the industry need to hone new skills to keep on top of their game.
  • Learning helps the network marketer to become a more interesting person, hence an interesting person to be involved with.
  • These new skills will give you the knowledge to become a leader with a vision and the mindset for success.
  • As you develop, your mind grows and adjusts accordingly giving you the confidence to interact with prospects interested in your business

There is no such this as “can’t”:

  • Nobody has succeeded in anything when they started the conversation with, “can’t”
  • I have spoken with many people that said they really wanted to be successful in MLM, but they would start the conversation with me by saying: "I can’t talk to people about my business", "I can’t do sales" and "I can’t find the time".
  • Beginning a dialogue with yourself that starts with “can’t” means you have predetermined your chances of success with failure
  • Limiting what you do in life by saying “I can’t” is counter productive and the death of personal and business success
  • Refer to limited beliefs and the fixed mindset vs. growth mindset argument

Build a support system:

  • Who is supporting you?
  • Who is helping you to build your business?
  • Having a support system can be the difference between success and failure
  • People close to you may not support your efforts or understand why you are involved with MLM, so surround yourself with positive like-minded people
  • Contact your sponsor, mentor and use online groups of like-minded people who are all interested in becoming successful in MLM
  • Establishing a good support system will help with developing a success mindset for your business

Create a positive and successful mindset routine:

  • Have you looked at the top network marketers and said to yourself, “I want some of that!”
  • When you see someone who is fit, slim and healthy don’t think about how good they look. Think about their daily habits that are needed to achieve that result and the slight edge that got them there.
  • The positive routine philosophy can be transferred into your network marketing daily action plan, business and life.
  • Ask yourself, what are the top earners doing on a daily basis? Find out! Do something similar in your daily life.
  • The main habits of the most successful network marketers is persistence (Never give up)

Why do we hold ourselves back from the success and income we really want and deserve?

It is a complex question, but in many cases the answer is simple. We are being asked to move out of our comfort zone in an area of possible failure and embarrassment. This is not a comfortable feeling, but to become a MLM leader sacrifices need to be made and action needed to be taken.

Some of us are born with no fear of failure and a confident mindset, but others need to develop these MLM skills overtime.

Successful people mindset
Successful people mindset

Here are some tasks that may help you develop and empower yourself towards the right mindset for success.

Task One

  • Write down the things you say you can’t do, so you can own them
  • Write down why you feel it is important for you to change them
  • Finally write down an empowered version of yourself without the things you can’t do

Task Two

  • Visualize yourself, so you can see your life with your new empowered version of yourself
  • Reflex on all its benefits and how much better your life will be
  • Finally, use positive support to find your inner strength

Task Three

  • Step out of your comfort zone by try one new thing everyday
  • Continue working on your personal development to help you empower yourself
  • Remember, your mind in the future

Hopefully you have found what is holding you back from having a successful people mindset in your network marketing business and found a solution that will move you forward.

Now, the most important question, what are you willing to do about it?

Every time you need to change something in your life or move out of your comfort zone or push the limits of what you believe you can do. Stop for a second and remember that you are moving one step closer towards a better network marketing mindset that will give you success.

For more information about how to succeed at MLM click on the button below.

How to succeed at MLM
How to succeed at MLM

Where can someone get involved with network marketing?

Anyone can be a network marketer on this page, in fact I am looking for one or two new individuals to mentor and support. The company is called doTERRA and they are a therapeutic grade essential oils company that has been growing fast since 2008.

For only 35$ / 20€ / £20 / 50 AUD you can become a consultant. The enrollment package includes a business package, a free webshop, back office, free mentoring and network marketing leadership training and no monthly fee.

In addition for those interested in knowing more about how to succeed at network marketing online I have a special one on one training and mentoring program. Running a MLM business online does involve learning new skills, but the skills you will learn are very transferable into other parts of your working and personal life.

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Changing mindset for success quick overview

It is not about knowing the secrets of the millionaire mindset that will help you become successful in your MLM business. However, it will help you understand that journey they need to travel to become the success they are.

So, what next?

You have read this article and watch the short video and realized that you have what it takes and it is possible to become successful.

The next stage is finding a vehicle to get you where you want to go. Learn more by clicking on the "Learn More" button below:

Conclusion of mindset to success in MLM

Consider for a time all the things that you have successfully achieved in your life.

  • How long did it take?
  • How much commitment was needed?
  • Was it hard work?
  • Did you feel great once you had achieved your goal?

Yes, anything worth doing takes time and energy. That is why I say to anyone who wants to do network marketing with the belief that it is a get rich scheme.


There are no shortcuts. If you join a MLM business and do nothing, nothing will happen.

  • You will not build a team
  • You will not earn a commission 
  • You will not be successful

Because, "Work is required"

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